Hi, my name is Jarek Januszewski, I live and work in Warsaw, Poland. To omit the twists and turns of my name’s hard pronounciation, call me JJ.

Designer and photographer with academic background in remote sensing, cartography and typography. By almost 20 years of experience on various creative fields I have developed solid base of expert knowledge in areas of photography, image processing, web & print design, UI/UX, typography, prepress and many others.

As photography fullfil my artistic interests, my daily professional bread is information and communication design seen much wider than just a “layout”. Graphic design is only a tool, legible message is much more. That’s what I do. I create ideas how things should look and work like. I work mainly for SMBses, developing corporate communication or branding. I like complex challenges and mature projects.

Beside all above I do lot of things in my life and hope this website helps you meet most of them.