Hi, my name is Jarek Januszewski. This website presents links to my various creative activities published online.

You may find my full professional resume here. If you want to contact me, please use social media links (above) or use hello »at«

Photography is my first and beloved medium of artistic expression. After years of imaging activities using rather large cameras (photo works) I have joined the union of smartphone camera photographers. As an outcome, the panorama diary an iphoneography blog of mine was brought to life.

I heard that many graduates of remote sensing and cartography studies rebrands to visual creative fields. Interesting. After publishing the atlas in 2006 I slowly began to work only as a graphic designer. Years 2009-2014 were pajka studio time. Since then I still make things look better and more legible, also teaching multimedia design & typography at Warsaw School of Arts.

I built my first loudspeakers in high school times. As an young enthusiast I started part-time job as a clerk at the hi-end audio store, which ruined not only second year of my studies but also faith in so called audiophile world. Now, after years and some electronics knowledge further I got new desire to build my own devices which play music the way I love (link soon).