FTPod | Mac OS X websafe filenames made easy

FTPod | Mac OS X utility for sanitizing filenames

FTPod (aka Filename Trim Pod) is a simple Mac OS X application designed to make your computer work more efficient. Trimming all unwanted characters, it automatically optimizes and sanitizes names of your files to a web-safe version.

If uploading files to FTP’s or CMS’es is your daily task, this handy freeware utility can s(h)ave you a lot of time.

What FTPod does to the filenames:

  • transliterates all diacritics and accent characters to their ASCII equivalent
  • removes leading and trailing spaces (including multiple occurences)
  • squeezes multiple spaces to one then replaces it with dash (-)
  • removes “illegal” characters ([](){}!?#%&\/+=*;`'<>”$|^)
  • converts all ligatures to their two-letter equivalent (æ -> ae)
  • replaces german “sharp S” (ß) sign with double “s”
  • replaces underscore (_) with dash (-)
  • changes all characters to lowercase

Things to know:

  • you can use FTPod for renaming any files with any extension
  • FTPod renames folders also, note it does not affect contained items names
  • it does not influence file content in any manner
  • file extension is always preserved
  • numbers contained in the filename remain unchanged
  • @ (at) characters are left untouched (in case of “@2x” usage)
  • filename length is not modified
  • this utility WILL WORK ONLY WITH LATIN CHARACTER SETS; using it with non-latin languages will return null filenames!
  • there is NO UNDO, so use it wisely!
Always use descriptive and consise filenames. Although modern web standards allow to use long filenames, 64 characters should be considered as maximum due to security limitations of servers.


  1. Download the app disk image (DMG).
  2. Double-click on DMG. Drag the FTPod icon to the Applications folder alias.
  3. Drag the FTPod from your Applications folder to the dock.

Usage by drag:

  1. Select desired file(s) from any Finder window.
  2. Drag files on FTPod icon in the dock.
  3. Done. Your filenames are web-safe now.

Usage by click:

  1. Click the FTPod icon. Prompt for file will display.
  2. Select desired file(s).
  3. Done. Your filenames are web-safe now.


FTPod is freeware. You may use it as you want. Consider donation if you find it useful.


In case of any error or incompatibility, post it in comments or use contact form for support inquiry. Please include OS X version number in your message.


1.0 Initial version.